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The Syncretic Temple

A strange structure under Primrose Hill is discovered. The protagonist explores the building, moving through a set of spaces which construct a narrative symbolic of the travels and experiences of the unknown builder, which culminate in the discovery of a strangely familiar form: a constructed landscape.

The protagonist, through activating the space with the printmaking press, is also left with artifacts from the builder – prints which describe a route and its territory, the content and meaning of which he is curious to explore further.

Full set here.

Plates and Prints

The Plate Overlays were composed of qualitative information from each of the sites.

Save the first, which was laser cut from a CAD file into engraving plastic, these were then drawn down to aluminium engraving metal and printed by the traditional intaglio method.

Full set here.

Printmaking Process

Thank you to Inky Cuttlefish Print Shop, where I was given a tutorial in the fascinating and beautiful process of intaglio printing. I learned that printmaking can be a focus of artistic intent which brings incredible richness beyond that available to the engraver armed with just the engraving tools.

View full set here.

Quantitative Landscapes

The information taken from the Chronological and Distance Based Graph of Walk 2 is displayed as a set of landscape plates laid-over the area of the system. By reinserting it into the territory in three dimensions and allowing the form of the landscape to be determined by the quantities taken at each point of measure, it generates a new systemwide landscape from these local quantitative measures.

View full set here.

Plate Overlays

Collage of information, images, and textures. taken from the locale of the waypoint. The framework of each plate is a diagram of the lines of headings from the location to the other points of the mandala. This is a representation of the context which incorporates both objective data such as plans and qualitative data, such as the textures, ephemera, and “flavor” of the locale to represent the place non-traditionally.

Reconstrucing Walk 2

Diagrams which reconstruct the second walk of the edge of the “Mandala” System with the aid of a GPS tracking device.

The GPS device allowed me to record my speed, heading, and location at set intervals. Thank you to the UCL School of Geography for use of their equipment.

A graph showing the quantities recorded on my walk. The data taken by hand was – the Openness of the Space around the waypoint, the level of Illumination, the level of human Activity, the relative “Anxiousness,”and the Loudness.

These waypoints were determined by stopping every five minutes. The distance between each waypoint is the distance traveled in that time.

So in reading the graph, the distance between each mark on the "x" axis is proportional to the geographic distance traversed, but the time between each "x" value is always five minutes.

The data taken electronically was the number of each waypoint, the distance traveled between, and the average speed.

This walk was undertaken with the aid of a GPS tracking device which allowed me to record my speed, heading, and location at set intervals. Thank you to the UCL School of Geography for use of their equipment.

Click here for the rest of the diagrams reconstructing this walk.