One possible use of sequential narrative is as a method of explaining ideas about a site in ways otherwise not possible.
Here, a series of images were taken at 1 minute intervals on a trip from the subject’s home in Tufnell Park to the crest of Primrose Hill.

They chart both time and distance, and through repetition show the “urban fabric” that the Hill breaks through.

Capturing an image every 1 minute codes the sequence itself with a time-basis, and makes the extra metric of the graphical time scale shown here unnecessary.


Of course, in the spirit of exploration, that is not the only way to represent time in series. There is a completely different effect which emerges when the same images are overlaid via semi-transparency.

It looks as if JMW Turner had started painting abstracts, and reminds one of a more subtle version of these.


Critical Context 01

1/1000 Site Plan and Site Section.

Perspective of adjacent rail lines leading to Primrose Hill Tunnel.

Larger version at flickr.

Primrose Hill – Context Photos

Context panoramas of Primrose Hill and the mouth to the adjacent railway tunnel.

Posted for the sake of continuity here at the blog.