The Third Map

Third Map 19
Third Map 07
Third Map 16

A new third map, distinguished by “ley lines,” bounded by lines connecting Primrose Hill, St. Dunstan’s Stepney (via St. Luke’s Old Street), The Tate Britain, and the gallows at Tyburn.

Map with black, white, and gilt ink.


The First Map…

Second Map

In the footsteps of Iain Sinclair and Alan Moore, this is an updated system of geometric relationships across London. (Books Lud Heat and From Hell, respectively)

Sinclair based his pentangle on the relationships of Nicholas Hawksmoor’s churches (early 18th century), and Cleopatra’s Needle (installed in 1878).

Updated for the 21st Century, a similar pentangle can be formed with the modern composition of Ouroboros and Dividers: the London Eye.

Similar to pre-scientific shamanism, by gathering physical or symbolic elements from these places together and using them ceremonially, the system, and thus the city, can be (symbolically) transformed.

This system – the pentacle – has now been made obsolete… upcoming posts will develop the new system.

Shamanic Geometries + Synthetic Cosmology

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